Wednesday, June 29, 2016


So we are at the ice rink and Mikey just "rescued" a 6-year old that got left behind at the rink OUTSIDE!!  She got left back and stuck outside for at least 10-15 minutes in the scorching heat before Michael noticed her trying to get back in!

Apparently, she and other campers were outside having lunch and when they were done, the camp counselor lead the way back into the rink, walking at the head of the line and never looked back nor did a head count!

The camp counselor had no clue, the child was left behind on the outside patio after lunch!  Parents: Pay attention where you send your kids to camp!! And if you are a Summer Camp counselor by chance, please make sure you count all the kids you are responsible for!

Note:  It was a camp that was visiting the rink - not our in-house camp!  Poor kid! 

Thankfully, Mikey noticed her outside! She could have very easily tried to exit through the gate door to the oarking lot, that was easily accessible! When Mikey found the counselor, the lady yelled at the little girl "What were you doing out there?!" I quickly interjected and took care of that!

 ^ Good job Mikey on doing the right thing!

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